Green Vacation

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We are your Green Yacht Charter Vacation Planners!

Did you know that one of the Greenest ways to vacation and travel is on a catamaran sailing yacht charter?

Here’s why:

– Minimal fuel is used while on your sailing yacht.
– Most power is utilized with solar energy, produced by solar panels on the boat.
– Water makers produce pure fresh drinking water on board, thus removing the need to purchase plastic bottles of drinking water.
– Organic and local produce whenever possible.
– Trash is NEVER thrown overboard.
– Recycling onboard, Limited plastic usage, No organic Waste in trash.
– Use biodegradable cleaning products.
– Reef safe sunscreen.
– Re-usable bottles are provided to each guest to use through their trip.
– Sailing to environmentally friendly locations and destinations that support the Green initiative.

There is no better feeling than contributing to a great cause. Not only is a sailing vacation probably the Best Vacation you may ever experience, it will also give you satisfaction that you were a part of an eco-friendly group that did your part in making our earth a better place for generations to come!

Check out just a few of our featured yachts with Green Initiatives!
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If you would like more information on these trips, don’t hesitate to ask us, we are you green yacht charter brokers! ~ Capt Chaz and Kris Kerr